Lacoste Live

  • Origin: フランス
  • Since: 2011
  • Founded by : René Lacoste et André Gillier

Why we love it ?

The history of Lacoste is the story of a tennis legend whose inventions changed the vision of sport and revolutionized the clothing industry. Inspired by his nickname, "the alligator" Lacoste asks his friend Robert George to design a crocodile. The famous logo makes its first appearance embroidered on the blazer of René Lacoste.

Inspired by polo players in london, René Lacoste adopts the short-sleeved shirt which allows a better freedom of movement, giving birth to the concept of functional elegance. René Lacoste meets André Gillier and together they conceive the lacoste polo shirt, a revolutionary piece of design. Lacoste launches a colour range for the petit piqué polo, infusing the brand with a cheerfulness to match its elegance.

In 2011, the new clothing collection lacoste l!ve invokes the playful, innovative spirit of the man behind the crocodile, combining sporty heritage and impeccable french elegance with an irreverent tone. René Lacoste said "elegance is mainly adapting clothes to the situation, to circumstances. […] and making sure the details remain discreet enough".


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